Melody Wilcox
Bio: Melody is a Senior at Lincoln High School, attending the District of Western Placer for her third and final year before graduating. This is also her second year on the ZebraTales staff. She spends her days working hard in school, bettering her personal self, and creating a path to achieve her biggest dreams and goals. Her ultimate goal in life is to travel the world to capture the scenes of outer world diversity through her various hobbies and interests, which include multi-medium drawing/painting, creative writing and poetry, music and song writing, and dance. She hopes to earn her wages by playing to all her strengths, and to spread her unique perspective with the world throughout her journey. Her friends and family come first in her life, and she is grateful for all their love and support as she makes way towards her future in writing, music, and art. After high school she will take a year to herself to find solid ground in where she’s going whilst working to earn her degrees online to major in either the fine arts or creative writing. She is an optimistic realist, who will do anything she sets her mind to. People think she’s deep and serious, but behind her quiet approach to new situations is a fun loving risk taker with many stories to share with the world as she makes new friends.

Her favorite TV show is, and forever will be Finding Carter (it was on MTV on Tuesdays at seven, and was canceled after two seasons on a cliff hanger because not enough people heard about it, which makes her want to scream at the producers and promote the show so she knows how it ends)!!!

Melody Wilcox, Reporter

Dec 18, 2018
The Vast Tomorrow (Story)
Dec 12, 2018
The Sign Project Comeback (Story)
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Melody Wilcox