• February 5Varsity Girls Basketball Beats Ponderosa 54-43, Looks to Claim 1st Place on February 3rd against Placer
  • February 5Varsity Boys Basketball Takes Down Oakmont to Advance into 1st Place in League
  • September 20Zeebs capture First League Win Over Oakmont! 28-17
Citlalli Aceves
Citlalli Aceves is a junior at Lincoln High School, she has been a staff member of ZebraTales for 2 years. She enjoys this class but she doesn't like it when Mrs.Tofft forgets her name, mind you this is her third year having Mrs.Tofft as a teacher. Citlalli has experience using Adobe Photoshop, writing for ZebraTales, Indesign, and Premiere Pro, some call her a genius for having this knowledge. She doesn't enjoy seating charts especially when she’s moved away from her friend Jessica Mananquil, ZebraTales co-editor in chief. One of Citlalli’s favorite things to do in her free time is listen to music especially J. Cole’s music, fyi Citlalli’s favorite artist is J. Cole. Her favorite T.V. show is That 70’s Show, other than that there’s nothing special about her, she’s eh… average.

Citlalli Aceves, Social Media editor

Feb 11, 2020
Welcome to Mirrorland Tour: Earthgang (Story)
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Citlalli Aceves