Ashland Trip

The Shrine of Shakespeare

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Ashland Trip

Carolyn McCommas, Reporter

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Home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Oregon attracts people from across the globe, including Lincoln High School.

Leaving bright and early on September 18, Honors/AP English and Advanced Drama students were just beginning their six hour journey while their friends met their daily routine at school.

With 40 kids in a bus for several hours, pit stops are a must. One stop, in particular, is very well known among the students: Weed, California. This landmark never fails to entertain students with its souvenirs and popular attractions.

Back on the road, students and teachers reach their destination at Ashland, Oregon. After checking into their hotel, one more small bus trip is required to finally arrive in the downtown of Ashland, Oregon.

There, the students have a lot of freedom and are able to explore all of downtown Ashland that they wish to see. Travelling to the town for her first time, one sophomore took a liking to this freedom when asked what she enjoyed most about the trip.“Definitely the free time, to just go around town and shop with all your friends. It’s so much fun and there’s so many places to explore,”  Zoey Dennis said.

This was a popular opinion among the students. With only two days in Ashland, time is in a bit of a crunch. However, having gone to Ashland three times now, junior Olivia Kraintz is pretty familiar with the schedule. “I love how our time here is built around the place, but you get to do so much more, like go to the park or go into shops, and take pictures,” said Kraintz.

One popular attraction in downtown Ashland is the Lithia Fountains. These public fountains spout water from a nearby spring and are full of minerals and lithium salts, rumored to have health benefits. However, one sip from this fountain can prove to be more than enough with its bitter taste and unique scent.

Ashland isn’t just known for its beautiful city, but also for its elaborate plays. Every year, two plays are chosen for viewing. This year’s plays were Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Returning for his 4th year, drama teacher Hank Florence hopes students take away more from this trip than just the town itself, but the learning experience that is also involved.

“Shakespeare never roleplays to read in a classroom,” Florence said. “He wrote them to be performed. And so, seeing trained actors perform Shakespeare hopefully will just show students how exciting Shakespeare can be.”