First Day Rally

Molly McGuire, Design Editor, Reporter

As the summer came to an end, Lincoln High students, nearly 2000 in number, made their way to the annual first day rally and were welcomed on the field by their ASB president and LHS faculty.

“It’s the first year that we’re kind of opening, looking like we might stay at about 2000 kids. So that’s crazy,” Principal Michael Maul said. “It’s nice to be able to at least have one or two rallies where the entire school is there.”

The first day rally has been a tradition for many years where students are introduced to new staff members and also introduced to their new ASB officers. After students were welcomed to the stadium with the sounds of the marching band, the rally kicked off with words from the new ASB president, Michael Carpineta, grade 12. Students, as well as teachers, enjoyed hearing from their new president.

“The one thing that did stick out to me which I thought was really positive,” English teacher Nancy Hoppe said, “Michael did a really great job [with] his first impression as the ASB president.”

Many students agree with Hoppe’s belief that Carpineta will be a great president. As the rally continued, Carpineta was just one of the many people introduced to the students. The students were also introduced to the school’s athletic director Donna Tofft. Tofft is known for her fun and innovative way to arrive at the rally… A TINY BICYCLE. Her attire was completed with a zebra bike helmet.

“I always enjoy the first day. I try to have fun with it and get everybody laughing and involved.” Tofft said.

As students began to become more involved, they started catching up with their old friends and began discussing what they did over the summer. For juniors, they were especially excited as they made their way over to the upperclassman side of the bleachers.

“It was so fun, I loved it, it got everyone excited to start the school year! It felt great to finally be an upperclassman,” Junior Skylar Tihanyi said.

As the juniors are celebrating their first year as upperclassmen, the seniors realize how close they are to graduation.

”I was glad that it’s my last year of high school because it means that I get to go on to my adult life, and go to college” Nate Labrado said.

Labrado is one of the few students who is excited for the senior year to fly by. Most students have a different feeling. The seniors watch as the terrified freshmen shuffle into the bleachers unsure of what high school holds. The seniors begin to remember times past and become aware, for the first time, that this is their last year.

“It was super exciting and memorable, but honestly sort of sad because you realize it’s one of the first lasts of the year,” Makayla Franco, grade 12, shared. “Pretty soon it will be our last football game [and] our last homecoming.”