Special Delivery for WPUSD

Thunder Valley Casino Donates Paper


Jessica Mananquil

Right: Scott Leaman, WPUSD Superintendent, Left: Kerry Callahan, WPUSD Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services

Jules Felt, Editor in Chief

It was a regular school day at Lincoln High, except for the rumble of a large truck arriving in the middle of first period with an important load.

A representative from Thunder Valley Casino visited the Lincoln High School campus once again to make a very important contribution to the Western Placer Unified School District – paper.

Every year, Thunder Valley Casino donates paper to the Western Placer Unified School District and the surrounding area districts.

“Paper is something that we use in every single school obviously, so this is a donation that really helps all school sites because they have to pay for their own paper,” said Western Placer Unified School District Superintendent Scott Leaman.   

Thunder Valley Casino donates 1.2 million sheets of paper to multiple districts in the area and two pallets for Western Placer, according to a press release provided by Thunder Valley Casino Resorts. For reference, a pallet contains 40 cartons of paper, each carton consists of 10 reams of paper and a ream is 500 sheets of paper.

“Thunder Valley values education and realizes the needs that schools have, along with teachers and students, and they want to help in an effective way,” said Kelsey McDonald, a Thunder Valley representative.

All Western Placer Unified School District schools will benefit from this donation.

“Thunder Valley has been donating paper for several years and although so much is done digitally, paper is so important and still counts,” McDonald said.

“Every year we look forward to continuing this tradition,” General Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Dawn Clayton, said in a press release. “And helping local schools in our community.”