Zebras Victorious Over Cross Town Rival

Lincoln Beats Whitney in a Shutout


Nathalie Avelar

Zebras Over Whitney

Jessica Mananquil, Reporter

The fighting zebras scored a significant victory against cross town rival, the Whitney wildcats, Friday night when the game was featured as Fox 40’s “Game of the Week”.

In the first quarter, the zebras took the lead and were ahead 23-0 and by the end of the game they were successful in achieving a shutout of 30-0.  “[We] pushed each other on and off the field” Guy Hamasaki, LHS Junior and outside linebacker, said about the keys to their victory.  “Having a great coaching staff, and staying calm and using tempo as a weapon.”

The zoo was full of spirited zebras, dressed in black for the “black out”. The fighting zebras cheered on their team with various chants and taunted the wildcats in retaliation to them chanting “o – ver – rated” in reference to Lincoln’s current ranking as a team in the area. Everybody in the zoo was full of school spirit and enthusiasm while they cheered the fighting zebras on.

Fox 40 featured the Lincoln Vs. Whitney game as their “Game of the Week”. At the beginning of the game, a helicopter flew low to the ground as the crowd went wild. It was much appreciated to both Fox 40 and the students who voted for our game to be featured on their show!

The JV football team, however, was not successful losing 27-12 to the wildcats. The freshman football team were victorious on Thursday night with a score of 28-12.  Good luck to all teams at their next football game!