Food Review – OPINION

The Waffle Shop in Downtown LIncoln

Food Review - OPINION

Kelsey Perillo, Reporter

If you weren’t already aware, the long-loved Awful Annie’s in downtown Lincoln was shut down in April of 2021 due to issues with their lease. But there’s no need to mourn for the town’s lost breakfast spot, as the Waffle Shop has taken its place and you’re destined to love it. 

Located on 490 Lincoln Blvd, this breakfast and lunch location meets all your waffle dreams and expectations. From chicken and waffles to biscuits and gravy to sandwiches with an assortment of drinks to quench your thirst, you will have a new favorite local spot. 

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by the sweet and welcoming staff. The rustic antique charm makes it feel like home, and the many seating choices to choose from makes the experience an ease. 

Now what you’re probably all wondering, does it own up to the name? The Waffle Shop has a wide variety of waffles, like bacon pecan, berry almond and of course, the classics, but no matter which you decide on, they are fresh, fluffy and the best way to start your day. I chose the chocolate banana waffle with a glass of orange juice. 

The service was quick, the staff was helpful and the meal was fresh with large proportions. If you haven’t already had your Waffle Shop experience, and even if you have, grab a friend and share the love (and the waffles).