Basketball Homecoming 2022


Abby Feliz

     Lincoln High’s basketball homecoming night held on January 20, had interesting and engaging games. Starting with the Freshman team putting up a fight and coming up short 54-47, Junior Varsity winning 78-50 and Varsity taking a win at 53-47. Due to COVID restrictions, the game was limited to the first 500 fans.

     The other big attraction of the night was the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. There was a prince and princess for each class. Junior class prince and princess were Beni Njomo and Georgia Derungs. Sophomore class, Matteo Biagi and Kate Morrison and finally Freshmen class,  Jenna Myers escorted by Kellen Stanley. Then the moment many were waiting for…Senior king and queen, Jake Overbay and Peyton Derepentigny. Even though there was a loss at the Freshman level, the night was successful for Lincoln’s Boys Basketball program.