Lincoln’s Small Town Christmas


Andrea Guzman

And just like that, the annual City of Lincoln parade and tree lighting has gone by, but it has not passed without impact or notice by the community. With a buzzing market, an ever-entertaining parade and the bright and colorful lights of the Christmas tree; this annual event marked itself as a night to remember.

Many vendors came from all over the area to set up shop for the night, and the variety did not disappoint. With rows of people boasting handmade goods to warm food, people walked around excitedly finding Christmas presents, a bite to eat and everything in-between. These excited shoppers were welcomed by all who were looking to share their products with the community. Travis Neves of Travis Neves Apiaries remarked on the benefits of an event like this.

“It gets our name out there,” Neves said. “I kind of built a reputation in the community and this event has been great tonight.”

Neves also shared the enjoyment he had meeting the crowds of people present that night.

“We don’t really get to talk to many people out in the field and I’m keeping bees by myself,” he said. “Yeah, it’s nice to see everybody come out and enjoy our products.”

Along with the many other vendors who were present that night, Travis Neves Apiaries shared a taste of their local goods with those who came.

Much like the market, the parade did not go unnoticed either.

With various participants, the parade put the many people of the community on display. From clubs to schools to even Santa Claus, it seemed that everyone was excited to see what the parade had to offer.

“I think it brings the community together,” said local Linconite and 2nd grade Lincoln Crossing Elementary School Teacher Scott Beatty. “It’s nice to see people enjoying themselves out in public, especially after a long pandemic, and to see things get back to normal.”

Beatty noted that he especially enjoyed the floats for the schools of Western Placer, but lamented that LCE did not have one of their own.

With the parade and market being a hit with event-goers, the night was truly punctuated by the gorgeous tree-lighting. The LHS Elite Choir performed a few Christmas songs and after the tree was magically lit with a dramatic countdown and “snow” flurries of bubbles, the crowd joined the choir in singing Silent Night.

Many of those who came will be returning next year, and if you did not make it this year, do not miss the opportunity once it comes around again.