Sports Feature: Emily Litherland

Sports Feature: Emily Litherland

Kelsey Perillo

The flags wave with the fall breeze smelling of freshly cut grass, welcoming Lincoln High’s golf teams for a year to remember on the course. The players are anticipating a successful season, and Senior Emily Litherland is prepared to compete.

Litherland has been on the team since freshman year and is currently sitting at third in the league.

She has helped the team win league championships the past two years. “So far this season my average is around 51,” Litherland said, “We had one hole tournament where I hit a 91, with hitting my PR on the back 9, which was a 43.”

Litherland strikes the team with her determination, exceptional focus and learning skills. She is also inspiring and creating a promising example of what this season will

look like. “Her confidence has grown as a golfer and her ball striking is much more powerful and consistent,” Coach Daniela Solley said, “It has been exciting to see Litherland break through mental plateaus such as shooting below 50 for the first time.”

With COVID precautions underway, this season is looking a little different than previous years, but it isn’t setting back players in giving their all. “It feels great to be back on the course, we have all been playing really strong,” Litherland said. “The team aspect of the sport has been really good this year.”

It’s no doubt Lincoln will miss this golf star as the 2021-22 year ends, however, she has left an impact on the team that’ll ensure that a bright future is ahead of them. “Litherland’s willingness to try new shots and switch up club selection has impacted her game and the team in a positive way.” Coach Solley said. “They see confidence and power really helps when it comes to the game.”