The Best Outdoor Activities to Start Off Summer


Ashlyn Purvis, Reporter

With the school year nearing its end and the heat kicking in fast, summer is almost here. This school year and part of the last school year were not ideal, so it is now the perfect time to start planning out fun summer activities. If you love to hike, there are many beautiful spots locally.

Boulder Ridge Park in Rocklin has a park and a huge grass area that is perfect for picnics. This is the best spot for seeing the pretty summer sunsets and a long trail that actually leads into the next local hiking spot.

Backside’s trail leads to Coyote Pond, which is a very popular spot in Lincoln. The trail is fairly short, but at the top there is a forest area which is the perfect place to hang out and watch the sunset as well.

Another hike that is not as local is Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn. It has a great trail for hiking and gorgeous scenery, and trails allow bike riding as well. There are many different hiking trails to choose from at Hidden Falls but each and every one will include wildlife and an amazing view.

If you are not much of a hiker there are still many outdoor activities to choose from. If you are trying to escape the heat and get refreshed just hop in the water. Many students prefer going in the water to cool off and be relaxed. “My favorite thing to do during summer is to go kayaking, I love being in the water,” Senior Deepan Kaur said. Lake Natoma is the perfect place to go kayaking. “I love to go swimming during summer, it is always the first thing I look forward to,” Senior Alexis Tani said. If you don’t have a pool to swim in there are many other options. “I love going to Folsom Lake in the summer, it is always so fun to go with my friends,” Senior at Whitney High School, Navreet Hehr said.

Summer is just around the corner, don’t miss out on enjoying the outdoors! There are numerous activities to do that are fun, safe, and affordable. Have a great summer.



Five activities that are affordable and fun :

Water balloon toss/fight

Slip n Slide

Bonfire with friends and roasting marshmallows

Visit a sunflower field

Take a canvas outside and paint your surroundings