‘Crumbl’ Cookie Review


Sophie Hume

Chances are you’ve heard about Crumbl cookies in Rocklin. The new location opened recently and is a hit so far. Maybe you’ve already visited the gourmet cookie shop in Rocklin, or maybe you’ve seen them on TikTok, as their account has more than 70 thousand followers. The location in Rocklin has options for pick up, take out and delivery, and they follow Covid-19 guidelines very well, limiting instore capacity to only 5 customers at a time.

The flavors change every week, so there’s constantly a new selection. They had a special Saint Patrick’s day flavor back in March, and bring out new special flavors for one day only every holiday. The cookies themselves are fairly large, I’d say you get your money’s worth. Although, they are on the expensive side, about three dollars apiece. Keep in mind that one is about 5 servings. They were made to share! As the name states, these cookies crumble from how extremely fresh they are.

When I visited, they had a Lucky charms cookie, and others like frosted sugar, Snickers, mint chocolate, key lime pie and a classic chocolate chip. All super fun and delicious flavors that even a picky eater could find something to enjoy. Every flavor, no matter the varying textures, was unique in its own way and can be served either warm or chilled.

The quality of the treats themselves was definitely a 5/5 stars. The cookies are not only big in size, but in thickness as well. One cookie could last quite a while for one person. They’re also super filling, making the price more justified.

I found the quality of service to be a 4/5, and the presentation was super professional and definitely left a positive impression! Orders are served very quickly. My favorite cookie was definitely the key lime pie. Overall I give Crumbl cookies a 4.5/5. I would definitely recommend them to a friend, but the price does knock a half a point off, because a more expensive price point means it’s less practical for frequent trips. I think for special occasions, Crumbl cookies are perfect. I’ll definitely be visiting again one day.

If you aren’t a cookie person they also have specialty ice creams, ranging from vanilla to raspberry cheesecake. Crumbl cookies truly has something for everyone. Keeping up with each week’s new flavor selection is easy enough for anyone to do online, they might even pop up on your feed for your page!