Sports Feature – BASKETBALL

Get to Know Jake Overbay


Jake Overbay in game against Rocklin, Photo by: Cooper Ferguson

Eryn Nichols, Asst. Editor

If you are from Lincoln, you know Jake Overbay. A varsity basketball player since his freshman year, Overbay is arguably one of the best Lincoln has ever seen. Overbay started his basketball journey from birth, inspired by his dad’s high school basketball career. His love for the game keeps him focused, even in these trying times.

“I’ve known about Jake for years. Sometimes when kids experience success at a young age they get big heads. Jake is nothing like that. Jake is a joy to coach. He is unselfish, takes charges, takes criticism and leads,” Varsity Head Coach Robert Ash said.

Overbay had the rare opportunity to use quarantine to continue honing his skills, calling himself “lucky” for his chance to train and workout daily. When the star player was asked if he had any special insight into this season, he explained that “if there is a season, it will be a lot shorter, but I just hope we get to play.”

“My fingers are crossed that he has a junior year. With him leading us we feel like we have a good group this year. I know he’s worked really hard getting better and it shows.”

Luckily for Overbay this isn’t his last basketball season. As a junior, Jake is going to take this lull to prepare for a great senior basketball season (hopefully).

After high school, Overbay has set his sights on UCLA. Though Covid has caused a lack of games for recruiters to come and scout, Overbay is hopeful about his future in basketball, and so is Lincoln. Despite all of the hardships this year, Overbay continues playing because, “playing basketball just makes everything easier, when I’m playing that’s all I’m thinking about, nothing off the court. Always gonna love the game, no matter what.” Basketball is Overbay’s escape from the crazy world we are living in right now.

Overbay’s favorite team of all time is the LA lakers. He also pulls inspiration from greats like Kobe Bryant, but his current favorite player is the Heat’s, Tyler Herro. When asked who would be in his “Mount Rushmore of Basketball,” Overbay explained he would carve Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Jerry West into the rock.

Overbay played last season as a shooting guard and when asked about his stats in the games described, “I’m a scorer, I like to shoot, and I would say that’s the strongest part of my game. My best stat was my freshman year in an AAU game, I finished with 48 points.”

Constantly trying to improve is part of an athlete’s life and Overbay is no exception.  “The area I’ve been trying to improve is really just quickness, strength, and athleticism, because in college the game gets a lot faster and guys are a lot stronger so I’m trying to get ready for that,”Overbay said.

There’s little doubt that Oerbay has a bright future in basketball, propelled by his passion and drive for the game. Jake continues to work hard despite the hold up in one of his last seasons, to get ahead of the competition and make his dreams come true. “Coach Foxworthy and I feel like he’s the best player in the league,” Coach Ash said.

Jake Overbay is a name you need to remember, see you in the draft Jake!