Students Head to Work During COVID


Eryn Nichols, Social Media Editor

Working has created a new challenge for students during the pandemic. With extra time many students have secured jobs to make extra money. Although employers have to adjust to school hours, many students are finding it hard to balance work and school during the pandemic. In these times of stress, extra money couldn’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of education.

Leena Elkholi, LHS senior and Starbucks employee explains that, “We have to be extra careful at work to ensure everyone’s safety, it makes it really stressful.” From having to wear masks and gloves, to online orders and complaining “Karens”, working students are having to deal with a lot on top of school and COVID. 

Val Gonzales, senior and Pacsun employee explains, “It’s hard to find enough time to do all my schoolwork, because of my busy work schedule” Val is planning on saving up to move soon and is working towards that. Getting a job is as important to your future as school as we get older, and though it’s hard to balance, as these students explained, both are getting by and doing their best.

If you work, make sure to stay healthy and well rested in order to do your best in school and at work. If you are having trouble keeping up on your school work, the LHS virtual homework center can help you with any questions you have. It’s great to see LHS students working so hard despite the stress of the world right now, keep up the great work LHS.