The Return of Football

Could COVID Restrictions Lead to More Injuries?


Photo by Dave Adamson, Unsplash

Kylie Lockwood, Reporter

The alarming number of injuries during NFL games brings into question the importance of conditioning and practice. Before the regular season, football players have regular conditioning and practice to prepare for games. However, COVID-19 has created complications that must be addressed. 

The ending of the National Football League’s third week saw a total of 117 injuries, with 72.6% of them being hip and leg injuries, according to the NFL injury report. Fans now wonder if this high number of injuries is due to the absence of training camp. “I think it was a mistake [for the NFL to move on without training camp],” Lincoln High Varsity Football Coach Christopher Bean said.

Just like the NFL, with the high school football season ahead, there are questions as to what conditioning and practice will look like. “We’re going to have more conditioning [than ever] because right now [that is] all we can do,” Bean said. 

However, the most important part of pre-season football is the practice, which requires the players to meet in person. “We push them super hard during practice. And that’s their conditioning,” Bean said. The amount of time allotted for practice could also prove to be vital. “They should have at least a minimum of four weeks of practice as a team together,” football referee Eric Chappelle said, “[and] a minimum of four weeks with full pads [with a gradual increase in contact].” said Chappelle.

The Lincoln High School football team is currently scheduled to begin games in early December and finish the season during the spring. To keep up on football news, check out LHS Live and ZebraTales.