School Reopens for In-Person Learning

Students Return to LHS October 6


April Vazquez, Reporter

Yes, school is reopening, but not as many remember it. With the reopening of schools on Oct 6 comes new rules and new challenges that will be faced this school year. Many have been wondering what will these different changes be and how will school look for those who chose the in-person learning model?

One thing is for sure, school will be very different to what was experienced a year ago. Due to the cause of the pandemic which closed down schools on March 13, new protocols have been established.

Students will need to maintain a safe environment during school hours at all times. How? “Not gathering in close groups (even when outside) and distance as much as possible, wash and sanitize hands frequently,” Principal Maul said, “don’t come to school if you’re sick, leave promptly once school is over, and the number one safety action – wearing facemasks as required.”

If safety protocols, such as wearing masks are neglected repeatedly, consequences such as being reassigned to distance learning will occur. LHS will offer masks for those who forget to wear one and there will be hand sanitizers stations located around the halls and classrooms.

Students who chose the distance learning model will be required to stay at home until the next decision window which will be near the semester ending. As for students who chose to do in-person learning and want to switch, they will need to contact the office and requests will be determined on a “case by case” basis.

As for student concerns such as PE this year, safety measures will be followed. Locker rooms will not be available and students will not dress down. PE will be minimized to removal of any kind of sharing equipment with activities mainly being outside. High touch areas will also be

cleaned frequently.

         Homecoming, dances, rallies and sporting events this year? As of right now, there are no plans for such events to be held. “If and when we get permission to have activities like this,we will certainly let our student body know – but there is currently no word on when this might be.” Mr Maul said.

         All sports seasons have been postponed with football, volleyball, and cross country starting in December and all other sports beginning in February 2021. Sports will be held safely, if and when, the county and state boards allow for schools to compete. In the meantime, sports can only condition while social distancing.

Families are highly recommended to do health check-ups each and every day. If you are experiencing any kind of COVID/flu like symptoms such as fever, persistent cough, etc, the administration asks students to please stay home for the safety and concern of others. Students will be sent home if they are experiencing ANY COVID-like symptoms.

         Even with all the challenges, the Fighting Zebras will continue to pull through each day. “Take it one day at a time – don’t feel like you have to have all of the answers to all of your challenges right now, Mr Maul said, “If you are challenged by a situation, communicate with others so that we can game plan how to make it better.”