Homeschool – Zebras New Reality


Citlalli Aceves, Social Media Editor

Everyone in the community has been affected by the virus COVID-19. This virus has placed the state of California under lock down and schools have been affected nationwide. One of those schools being Lincoln High School, “Home of the Fighting Zebras”. 

March 13 was the last day WPUSD students attended school as most students have come to know it. Homeschooling was about to become the new reality for the Zebras and Lincoln High has managed to continue education for students from a distance.

With the abrupt change made, teachers managed to gather their materials and start teaching LHS students through Schoology, Google Meet and other online resources. The school has been providing meals, work packets and Chromebooks for those in need of the materials. 

Issabela Camacho, a junior at Lincoln High, expressed her thoughts on distant learning. Camacho said, “It’s hard because you can’t keep yourself motivated to do work at home. There’s a lot more distraction.” Some students have struggled working from home. There are greater distractions now, one being cell phones and surroundings. 

Although some students aren’t too happy with distance learning, others like Rasel Rioja, a junior at LHS, said, “I like how I can peacefully do my work alone.” With distance learning, you can work at your own pace, as long as things are completed.  Although it does take discipline, it can be done!

In the end, we are all working to make this situation as easy as possible. We must stay positive and social distance; stay at home and work on school work!

Class of 2020, you have more to look forward to in your future; stay positive zebras. 

See you next school year!