Boys Golf

Lillian Pitkin , Reporter

Lincoln High School’s boys golf team started the spring season with high hopes, however, due to the unfortunate events of the corona virus, or COVID-19, the season has been postponed as a precaution until April 13. But, this does not take away from the great start to the golf season.

Junior at LHS, Tyler Giles, said that the season has been, “Pretty good, we have a good shot at finishing well in league and we have a good amount of depth.”

Although the season has been looking pretty promising, the team is still disappointed that it had to be canceled. Giles said, “We had a tournament in Chico that we were looking forward to and that’s canceled, which sucks.” Because of the cancellation of all spring sports at Lincoln High School, there are many games and tournaments that the golf team is saddened to not be able to participate in.

However, the team is excitedly waiting for the season to resume, but in the meantime, they’ll have to play through