Welcome to Mirrorland Tour: Earthgang


Citlalli Aceves

On January 20, Earthgang had an amazing concert at “Ace of Spades” in Sacramento. The rap duo Earthgang, which includes artist Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, are on tour for their debut album “Mirrorland”.

While standing outside in line with two other fans, out comes Johnny Venus, with the biggest smile on his face greeting us with a hug. As we all look at each other in shock, he casually walks away. After waiting an hour and a half we walk into the venue for the “meet and greet”. As I walk up to them for a picture, they greet me in the nicest manner, knowing how excited and nervous I was.

After some more waiting, it was finally time, yet it wasn’t Earthgang, it was the opening artists, Jurdan Bryant, Wynne and, last but not least, Mick Jenkins. The crowd was eager, singing along with the biggest smiles, yet all we wanted was to see Earthgang perform.

Finally, it was time. Earthgang opened with the song ‘LaLa Challenge’. Immediately the crowd went crazy with people dancing and me in the front row in complete shock. Later on in the show they performed the song ‘Down Bad’ by Dreamville, JID, Bas, Earthgang, J. Cole, and Young Nudy and the crowd instantly knew what was about to happen, a mosh pit. I truly have never been so terrified, yet excited, in my life, as the entire place went crazy.

The music selection had a little bit of everything; music from their past EPs, songs from Revenge of The Dreamers 3 by Dreamville and of course Mirrorland. Suddenly Earthgang said their goodbyes, the lights went off, and they walked off stage leaving the crowd in confusion.

The lights came back on just to find out they had one more song left, one of my personal favorites, UP. Once again the mosh pit forms only this time Johnny Venus joins the crowd and is standing 2 feet away from me.

The show is over and as I am about to walk away I see Johnny Venus walking towards me with a sharpie in hand. I handed him my bag to sign and the entire crowd rushes over pinning me to the fence while Johnny is literally in front of my face.

As I try to walk away I see the connection the artists have with their fans. They truly see us as more than just a fan, they see us as a family.

Overall the atmosphere and experience was beyond amazing. If there was any way to do it over again, I would.