New Cafe in Lincoln!


Sophie Hume

There’s a new cafe in town! Rebel Hen Cafe opened less than a month ago and is an awesome new addition to Lincoln Boulevard. The super cute and cozy atmosphere makes this place definitely worth trying. The location also makes it super convenient and easy to visit because they moved into the downstairs,  where Old Town Pizza To Go used to be located. Needless to say, my first impression was really good, and I’d definitely visit again!

The quality of the atmosphere at Rebel Hen was really nice and was one of the best qualities. The adorable brick interior with the combination of the fireplace and all the plants made this little spot one of the coziest around. The seating is also really nice, and if you dine-in, your drink or food comes in nice china to make the experience even better. The one and only downside was the choice of music, the staff played more metal/grunge type of music, which isn’t bad but it just didn’t feel like it fit the vibe. I think it just would have been calmer if slower music was playing, but it didn’t really take away from the value. Overall, it was still a super enjoyable and cozy environment.

The quality of service was also great, I didn’t go at a super crowded time, but the service was quick and the staff was super friendly! My order was perfect too, it definitely improved the overall experience.

The food and drinks themselves were also great, Rebel Hen doesn’t have an insanely large menu, so its not stressful to pick out what you want. They had more than a few drinks to pick from and a big selection of baked goods, from bagels to cookies; they had a lot of good looking food. I went in the afternoon so the majority of it was already gone but that’s to be expected. I got a matcha latte and it was delicious, it’s really fun to find somewhere with cool drinks that actually taste great too!

Another minor downside was the pricing, when ordering, your bill can add up fast. It was similar to Starbucks in terms of pricing. This doesn’t really affect anything besides that it’s not ideal for frequent trips, but supporting local businesses is still super important, and it’s not any worse than a trip to any other popular coffee shop.

In all, Rebel Hen is definitely worth visiting! I’m sure it’s going to become a routine in my life to visit, so if you have time before or after school, be sure to stop by and check it out!