Stage Dream – UPDATE

No Voice is Too Small – Lincoln Student Dreams of Auditioning for the Voice


It was exciting to even sign up for an audition for The Voice, however I won’t be able to make it to the audition venue due to the risk of heavy snow levels on the way up to Nevada. This misfortune had me nearly devastated after spending four months practicing everyday. Safety does come before anything though, and the old saying “the show must go on” doesn’t really stand if the performer gets stuck in the snow or swerves off the icy roads on the way.

This, however, does not mean the end. On the same website that I registered from, one can find the year round option to send in a video submission for anyone who is unable to reach the main venues. Of course this option upholds a longer list of strict requirements. For example, unlike the acapella only standards for the Open Call auditions, a video submission must have some form of accompaniment like an audio track or instruments added along.

My plan is to learn the two songs I had chosen for my audition on piano and maybe find a friend who would be willing to learn the songs on the guitar. Then with the help from any willing students from video production, will round up a team effort to make a video package that meets all criteria. The requirements other than accompaniment, is to tell them about myself  in a portion of the video that is no longer than five minutes, however with the two songs added the video can collectively venture further than five minutes.

The biggest necessity for a video submission is to be creative and really show them my voice and the person I am. No amount of snow will get in the way of my motivation. Any students who are willing to be a part of the creation of this video audition can come talk to Mrs Tofft in room 75 and leave me a note with how you can best be contacted so that this experience can become more than just one person from Lincoln High School auditioning for The Voice, but a Zebra team effort to make this stage dream a reality. If enough students pull together to give it our best, I hope to move forward representing LHS and all of the gifted and talented students we have on campus.

Original Article:

For most people, the idea of a classroom presentation is intimidating, yet alone taking on an audition for NBC’s television singing competition The Voice. Growing up as the average shy kid in school, I never saw coming this wild opportunity to submerge my soul into the gift of singing at the Open Call auditions in Reno, Nevada on Saturday January 25 of the new decade.

I am currently a senior at LHS, and signing up for such an experience has shown me that all goals and aspirations a person can have, are in reach if one simply chooses to go for it. 

From my experience so far leading up to my audition, it takes hard work and dedication to make this true. For instance, this is my first year with Mrs. Hangman’s concert choir, and have learned to expand my vocal range in ways I never thought I was capable of due to the proper choral techniques that a student can gain in her class (and big thanks is to be accredited to her). I signed up for my big audition after landing a solo in our Winter Concert, knowing that if I don’t make it this year, I can sign up again in the following years to come.

Something I have come to notice is that if you really want to try something – whether its applying for an internship, or auditioning for a solo or lead role in a play, or even something as crazy as sporadically signing up for The Voice – just give it your best shot whether or not you get the results you want in the end. 

I came to the choice to schedule this audition when I was watching The Voice on tv with my mom. I recall saying aloud to her (more to myself), “I wonder how you can sign up for this.” She smiled, shrugged, and told me to look it up. So I googled ‘how to audition for The Voice’ and it brought me to the official casting and audition site, where it listed the surprisingly simple steps. First I had to create an artist account, then pick the closest venue for Open Calls and choose from either the A time slots ( in the morning) or the B time slots (in the afternoon). The third step is to print my audition pass which will be emailed to me a week before the date of my audition which will be the last step itself.

To be clear, this holds no guarantee that I will make it to the Blind Auditions on tv, but it does hold the first steps leading to that stage. No matter if I make it to Call Backs, or Blind Auditions, or even to the very end of the contest, I’m proud to be taking this chance to sing my heart out and pour all that I’ve got into this audition. Students of LHS, if you have something that you dream of doing one day but have any doubts, just go for it and keep trying until you get it. No dream is ever too big, and no voice is ever too small.