First League Game for Girls Basketball Against Oakmont

Sophie Hume and Cecilia Carroll

Tonight Lincoln’s girls basketball teams will be playing their first league game at home against Oakmont. The games start at 4 tonight in the new gym and all three teams seem to be very optimistic about this one. Jessica Jack(21′) on Varsity said,”I feel good about tonight because we’re a strong team.” Emalie Toto(23′) on JV said,”I’m looking forward to playing the first league game with some girls I’ve been playing with for years but also playing with new girls that I’ve met this year.” Toto said,”We’re a pretty solid team, we’ve had to work hard to get where we are now, and I’m excited for tonight.” Katie Leeth can’t play due to injury but is confident in her teammates ability to win tonight. Sounds like things will be going well tonight for the Lady Zebras so be sure to stop by and show your support!