Student Band to Perform at “Day of the Dead” Festival

Los de Lincoln is a Band of Lincoln Students

Jorge Villalba Chavez, Reporter

Among many students at LHS, three friends, Fernando Zepeda, Adrian Cardenas and Jorge Villalba, came together as one to form a cultural band, where they sing and play Spanish music to entertain and satisfy their audience, friends and family. 

The group of friends played on their own time and one day got together to mess around and play songs, later they started to record covers and hopefully be able to make their own music. A member of the band  “LDL”, Fernando Zepeda, LHS Senior, said “Me and two friends, Jorge and Adrian, just started playing guitar and just out of nowhere started playing together, and having a good time.” 

Later, the group of friends formed a band temporarily called “Los de Lincoln,” said Adrian Cardenas, LHS Sophomore, who is also a member of this band. 

“LDL” plays a different style of music, “It’s more like sierreño and norteño, it’s Mexican based/Spanish based music… more like corridos.” Zepeda said.

The band is currently on the lookout for a lead singer, many of the covers “LDL” sing are sung by members of their group.  If interested to play for or become the lead singer for this band, please send a Direct Message on Instagram

The covers recorded are not only played by the members of the band but played with other young guitarists that they link up with around other areas of California. One guest that played with “LDL”, Luis Ponciano, former student of LHS, played with the group at a family birthday party where he was introduced with new experience coming from a new band. Ponciano said, “Make your Instagram public…Get some recognition, y’all got the talent y lo unico que ocupan es que la raza lo vea.”

Ponciano  invited the group of youngsters to come down to Dixon to play with and be introduced to other young guitarists and singers in his area. He also mentioned that his babysitter, Juanillo Diaz, grew up singing and writing music, he is now part of one of the most successful regional Mexican industries, Rancho Humilde, Record Label, Founder and CEO is Jimmy Humilde.

Many people have the talent to do such things but yet don’t have the support or views to become successful musicians. “Anyone can be successful, if you put the effort and dedication into what you love doing and keep pushing forward towards your goal,” LHS Junior Jorge Villalba said.

The band’s upcoming events will take place at Placer High School on October 29, at a festival that will be celebrating the Day of the Dead and at school November , for a Spanish based Day of the Dead hosted by “ALAS”, the Lincoln High School Hispanic cultural club. Check out a video on to hear “LDL” in action.