Sun Drawings in Photography Class


Adelaide Layton, Reporter

Photography is a hobby and a form of creative expression enjoyed by many, and students in Debbie Tofft’s photography class at Lincoln High School got to mess around with a fun activity called “sun drawing” earlier this week while studying the history of photography.

To create a sun drawing or “cyanotype,” students had to use a special kind of paper. “Basically, students put a leaf or something to make a silhouette,” Tofft explained. “They let it sit on the paper for two minutes. They come in and develop it in water and the silhouette appears on the paper.”

Tofft chose this activity for her photography classes because she says, “it mimics one of the first discoveries in the history of photography.”

Many people love photography, and students who participated in the sun drawing activity really seemed to like it. “I like photography because I have absolutely no talent for drawing or painting,” Tofft said. “And photography is a creative expression for me and I think that is a creative expression for students as well.”