LHS Staff Golden Egg

Two Chances to Win for LHS Staff!

LHS Staff Golden Egg

ZebraTales Staff

(NOTE: These golden eggs are only for teachers and staff of Lincoln High)

Golden Egg 1: Beach Hut Deli $20 (sponsored by Gale Tofft)


As LHS staff, we walk by this guy every day

He changes with the seasons, and is cute you might say

A tad undernourished, you could even say bony

He’s a bit out of date, but never a phony

The “Luck of the Irish” is his current costume

The map to the clue, he’s about to consume.


Golden Egg 2: Starbucks $15

Normally we hide it with a teacher

Mr. Maul may think he’s our official leader

Now the student’s authority is being affirmed

The tables have turned

Find the student that rivals Maul’s power

Waste little time; you only have a few hours

Key Word:

Superman will attend all new and old elementary school needs