Golden Egg Riddle #1 – Monday

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Los Gallos in Lincoln!

Golden Egg Riddle #1 - Monday

ZebraTales , Egg Hunt Committee

Monday’s golden egg sponsored by Los Gallos in Lincoln! Thank you Los Gallos!

Happy Hunting LHS!


The stories in books can take you places

Horrible, terrible, infinitely possible

Every time you read, you are transported

Leave behind the real world

Into a place of imagination

Books are like doors to other dimensions

Read something every day

And you will see what I mean

Round the side of the place where she sits you

You will find your treasure

But wait, there’s one more thing, you must know the password!

Use these clues to decipher the password, speak it to retrieve your prize!

What do these things have in common?

  • Voice of the Zebras, #7, 2 in 1, #4, High School Sweethearts