Cancellation of Homecoming Rally


ASB President Michael Carpineta & Nate Labrado dressed up during Homecoming week.

Jessica Mananquil, Jules Felt, Social Media/Web Editor, Editor in chief

Breaking news from LHS: The winter Homecoming Rally has been cancelled. Wednesday night, January 23, the LHS basketball teams battled Placer, the rivalry burning in the zebra’s mind. As per usual, the leadership class made posters to taunt the opposing team and show zebra spirit. However, this time things went too far.

Michael Carpineta, LHS student body president, said, “There were some very inappropriate signs that were made by leadership, which we take full responsibility for. We also brought them to the game and displayed for everyone to see.”

Carpineta did know about the posters before they were presented, but he takes full responsibility for the incident and knows they went too far this time. He apologizes to the seniors, the Homecoming court, and all who are saddened by this cancellation.

“It sucks. Of course for the seniors as that was the last rally, but you know there has to be consequences for actions and there’s nothing we can really do about it now.” Carpineta says.

See the full article on the digital issue for Homecoming coming out Friday, February 1.