Jessie Buys, Sports Editor

Crazy new blondes have started to appear on the campus of Lincoln High School. Who are they? Where did they come from? Do you know who they are?

They are the LHS fighting zebra wrestling team!

As the wrestling season has started, the varsity wrestlers dye their hair blond or seriously bleach it.

“It’s pretty fun!” says Noah Herrera (‘20), a varsity wrestler, who has been wrestling ever since he started to walk, “We stand out when we are out on the pads.”

The wrestlers might look a little goofy with having their hair a different color from their original hair color but the tradition is something that the younger wrestlers get to look forward to and work hard for when they finally land their spot on the varsity wrestling team.

“I like the tradition.” said by Austin Williams (‘22), a freshman on the wrestling team but not yet on varsity.

Having the varsity boys dye their hair a different color and be good examples, can show to the younger wrestlers that working hard and doing your best at practices and meets will benefit you in the long run of succeeding.

Asking some of the wrestlers on how the season is going to far, “We have improved from the start of the season.” says Williams (‘22)

The goal of any sport is to improve from the beginning of the season, to the middle, to the end. So to know that the wrestlers have improved is a good sign to a great season to come.

Williams said the goal of the season for the wrestlers is, “To dominate our competition.”

That is the goal that the wrestlers will be able to accomplish. Wrestling is an individual sport and a team sport. LHS is in luck to know that the wrestling team supports each other to do their very best and to know that they are all working hard.

Good luck wrestlers from Zebra Tales!